To my love ♥

Today I'm sharing something really personal on the blog. A love letter to my husband to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! Oh my.. I can't believe how fast 2 years went by.. we have been married TWO full years.. I can't describe how happy he makes me and fulfills my life. He is my best friend, my soulmate, my rock, my whole world. My love for him grows every. single. day and sometimes I really don't know how I deserved such an amazing man on my side. 

First I'd like to tell you my favorite love own ♥ Dan and I met at a Rotary event through my host dad. He actually opened my bank account before the event, but this was our first opportunity to talk and get to know each other day.  He seriously waited until the last 2 seconds before I had to leave to ask for my number. Silly guy, I thought he'd never ask. :) Luckily he used those TWO seconds wisely :D. After a few days we started to hang out, we went fishing (my first time ever) and he showed me around since I just arrived in the area. We got to know each other quickly and started dating a month later. It didn't take long for me to know that he was the guy I wanted to spend my life with. He understood me, supported me, and was there on both the worst and the best days. He is the one I wanted to talk to after a long day and the one I just wanted to sit in silence with on days we didn't feel like talking. Almost a year later I was super excited to drive up to IKEA. It always reminds me of home since we have them everywhere in Germany. The weather was really nice so he asked me if I wanted to walk around our favorite park first to enjoy the sun a little before "we sit in the car for so long and spend all day at IKEA" (those were his words :D ) I agreed and we went to the park to fish for the first time. I was ready to go and leave the dock when he pulled me back, went on one knee and asked me to marry him in the sweetest way.

That's how our story began and I wouldn't change a thing. (We did end up going to IKEA after we told our parents the exciting news).

Now I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes writing our story. We have made so many memories together. Who would have thought that I would end up finding the man of my dreams in the USA? I certainly did not.

Dan, I just wanted to say that you make me the happiest woman in the entire world. You are my everything and I cannot wait to grow our little family. You have helped me grow my business and have supported me with everything you could from day one. You fill my life with happiness and joy. I don't know who I would be without you. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for those wonderful moments we've shared and the precious memories we've made. Thank you for always listening to me, for being with me even on my worst days and for being the best husband I could have ever asked for.  I love you so much!♥