Tips for planning your Maternity Session • Maternity


Let's talk about pregnancies. It is such a magical time having a little nugget in your belly, feeling it moving and seeing your belly grow. In my opinion, maternity sessions are so important. When you look back at those photos it just melts your heart. I don't have children yet, BUT I have my session already planned and I cannot wait to capture this memory one day. 

So today I would like to help you plan your maternity session. It is so important that YOU feel comfortable and most importantly BEAUTIFUL!!! I know most Mommas-to-be don't feel as pretty in their skin the last few weeks of their pregnancy and it's my job to make you feel amazing. The key to having a wonderful maternity session and looking back at those photos with a smile is to have everything planned the way YOU want it. Nobody should tell you what to wear, what props (shoes, books, onesies, ...) you should bring and where you should have the session. I'm here to help you figure that out and I'd love your ideas and wishes to make this perfect! 

First: Timing

I found the best time for your maternity session is between 30 and 35 weeks when the belly is nice and round. After that you most likely feel heavy and swollen and you're usually ready to meet your little nugget. But it depends on every woman. Some are just small or gain a little weight and that's totally okay to wait and choose a day between 35-38 weeks. I want you to feel comfortable and love the way your belly looks. 

Second: Time of the day

The best time of the day is about an hour after sunrise and and an hour before sunset. It will give you the glow in the background and the skin tones look amazing. This time of the day will also avoid shadows in your faces and you will be able to have your eyes open. I'm going to be honest with you, my eyes are so sensitive to light that I clinch them as soon just a little light hits and I want to avoid that with you. I totally understand if those are the times of day you feel uncomfortable or just can't make it work. In that case we should find a place with lots of trees to give us natural shade. (more to that topic in locations)

During the Spring/Summer/Fall season (after daylight savings) I'm able to schedule in the evenings during the week and any time on the weekends. 


Third: Locations

I recommend a place that is less crowded for this type of session because, most importantly, I want you to feel COMFORTABLE (I can't say it often enough). It can be a place that you always wanted to take photos or something that you are emotional about. I want to find a place that fits YOU best. I recommend open fields, scenery with details like fences or old barns and definitely locations with trees, especially if you schedule a session in the morning time around 10am or afternoon around 3pm.  


Last but not least: Outfits

Okay.. this is always a hard topic for any session. I still find myself going through my closet for days when I know we're getting our photos taken. But finding something you feel comfortable in is something I recommend the most. I personally love dresses that hug your belly and really show your bump. It's up to you if you would rather wear a long or a short dress because both lengths look amazing. Long dresses that are tighter on top and hang down are really beautiful too. Pastel tones are beautiful in the golden light and make your skin look great. Don't be afraid to wear patterns like a floral dress (I LOVE FLORAL DRESSES), stripes or shapes. They will add details to your photos and make them look even prettier. If your husband/boyfriend comes along (or your child/children) it looks great if you mix up different types of patterns and solids. You are welcome to change outfits and have a more casual and fancier outfit. A lot of Moms-to-be love dresses that show the naked belly. (YAY!!!) I'm all up for it and think they are amazing. I do know a website I love for maternity dresses, so please feel free to ask about that or any other question you might have. 


Oh and one last thing... little props like shoes, a book you feel sentimental about, a onesie, a necklace/bracelet that says something special or anything that makes you think of your little nugget...bring it! 


I hope this helps you to prepare for your maternity session and feel more relaxed. My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible and that you feel beautiful. I want you to look back and remember this session with a huge smile on your face and the feeling of happiness and joy. 

Please feel free to ask any questions about your session. Again, this helps me to customize it and make it perfect for YOU!