He is ONE!

I cannot believe that our sweet baby Cooper is turning ONE today. Where did the time go? First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Coop! 

When Dan and I got married, we knew we wanted a dog. We decided to wait until we bought a house so that we have more space and honestly didn't have to pay the monthly dog fees at our apartment. We moved in our home in April 2016 and shortly after that we knew it's time for our first baby, our dog Cooper. Once me made a deposit on his litter, time did NOT want to pass. We were on vacation in Europe when I received an email that the puppies were born. We couldn't have been happier. Okay, 5 more weeks until we can choose our forever first fur baby!!! 5 WEEKS!!! How do you keep yourself busy for 5 weeks and not constantly think about having this sweet little thing in your arms?



Well, I have to admit I didn't grow up with dogs like my hubs did, I never had one and I didn't really know what to expect. I prepared myself for the worst (pee and poop everywhere, everything chewed up, looooots of mouthing and not listening... ) Part of it came true but it wasn't even close to be as bad as I thought. It was hard work to train him, but it was fun. He brought us so much joy, happiness and laughter from DAY 1!

We thought a lot out names.... Oakley, because he was born in the fall. Sunny, because he is golden. Einstein, because they are so smart and I'm from Germany. And there was Cooper, because we both liked that name. As we went to pick out our fur ball it was the hardest decision at first. I had 3 or 4 puppies in my arms at the same time and they were all adorable. How do you choose a pup for your family? How do you know you choose the right one?

Well, they choose you. Dan had Cooper on his arm and I tried to keep the others away from nibbling on Dan's toes :D He handed him to me and I had just said to him that I have no idea how to make a decision but in that moment, Cooper cuddled up between my throat and my head. Never mind, we had picked our sweet new family member. We just knew he was a Cooper.

After playing with him for a little while it was time to leave him and go home. TWO more WEEKS until we can bring him home. Just 2 more weeks... Oh my heart hurt as we left him there. I just wanted to bring him home already.  One week passed and I counted the days until we could pick him up. We bought his first toys and his blanket, a crate and everything he would need. We had visitors from Germany so we kept ourselves busy. And THEN I got the text message... There was a big storm announcement for the Saturday we were supposed to pick him up so we were allowed to come EARLIER. I called Dan and we went on Wednesday night (3 days earlier). Oh I remember that feeling as we brought him home. I know I'm obsessed with our dog but he's like my first baby ♥ 

Our adventures began. We took him with us as much as we could. Petco, Petsmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Farmers Market and to the park... The first snow came and we ran outside together and he just LOVED it. And now here we are, it's almost fall again and our Cooper is turning ONE. 



From not liking to cuddle, being pet, mouthing, chewing and house training, taking me for walks instead of the opposite and not listening to what we were saying... we came a long way. He LOVES to cuddle and wants to be pet (he gets mad when we stop) he's gentle with mouthing (most of the time) and only chews if he want's even more attention that he already gets. He was potty trained in just a couple months and now he walks next to me and doesn't pull. He learned how to sit, lay, shake, high five, whisper, speak, leave it and to go 'in' his space. He has brought us so much joy and happiness and he has wiped tears. He is not just a dog, he belongs to our family and I cannot imagine our lives without him.

Today we celebrate you, our big boy. Thank you for being there, cuddling us when we need it and making us smile when we feel grumpy. Thank you for protecting us and making us your entire world.