Reflection on 2017 + Goals for 2018

So here we are, celebrating the New Year 2018!! I cannot wait to see what the year will bring. 

I'm sitting here with a fresh mug of coffee reflecting the year of 2017. So many amazing memories were made and SBP has grown so much more than I'd ever expected. I was booked for most of my mini sessions, I started getting into weddings and gaining as much experience as possible, I re-branded my business and so many more things. SBP has grown so much thanks to all of you, your support and your trust! 

Next to all these wonderful things that happened to SBP this year, there are so many more great things that happened. Dan and I went to Germany and had our "real white wedding". Man, I got to be the luckiest girl all over again. ♥ We celebrated Cooper's FIRST birthday. My parents and my grandma (my grandma's FIRST time to the US) came to visit us and celebrated their FIRST Thanksgiving with us. My sister came in October and we enjoyed our much needed special time - just her and I. 

As we walk into 2018 I'm trying to set my goals for this year. for my business as well as my personal ones. I've never been a good "goal setter"  - I admit, I'd rather set no goals than feeling disappointed and embarrassed if didn't achieve them. But I want to change that. I want to set goals and finally push myself out of the shell! 

SO I'm super excited to share a few of my goals for 2018:

  • Be more present 

Being in the moment is so important and lately I've noticed that I'm not. I don't feel fully present. I want to change that and make sure that I put my phone down to enjoy the movie we wanted to watch, close my computer to spent time with family and to make time for friends and family to catch up. I want to make every moment count! 

  • Be thankful for every single day

I'm a worrier. I'm a person who stresses about the little things. I'm a person that forgets to stop, breath and appreciate every once in a while. I read about this challenge to just take 5 ( YES, ONLY FIVE) minutes at night to recall the day and think of one thing you are thankful for that happened that day. I started doing this and I know it has only been a couple days but these 5 minutes change the entire day. I go to bed with a happy, satisfied feeling and wake up ready for the next day. Try it yourself, it's amazing. 

  • Shoot more weddings 

After discovering my love for wedding I want to make it a big part of my business. I want to gain as much experience as possible and take every opportunity. I'm so excited to say that SBP is accepting weddings now! I'd love to capture your love story! Let's chat! ♥ 

  • Stop letting social media influence me 

This is a HUGE part that pulled me down every so often in 2017. Comparing myself to others, their achievements to mine and their picture perfect feed. I'm self-critical. A lot. I'm OCD with my business which has it's good and bad. I started not comparing myself and my business to others, but it's so hard not to. I learned that we all are a community, not competition. I love it like that. I'm so glad to get to call fellow photographers my friends. I want to continue this and really focus on other, better things than comparison. 

  • Gain more experience and invest in education 

Gaining experience is so important. You can never learn enough. Yes, my business has grown over the year but the only thing I didn't invest in is education. I really want to make it a point to invest in it this year. Connect with more fellow creatives and support each other. Every single one of us needs that. ♥

I'm so excited to bring on 2018!! How about you? What are you're goals for 2018?