Mini Session Style Guide

I love these themed sessions every year and I know, that even though it’s only 30 minutes, it’s still nerve wreaking on what to wear.

I’m excited to share my style guide with you to help you prepare!

Let’s begin, First of all, decide if you’re going for the Fall or Winter/Christmasy look.

What look do you want to achieve? 

Fall is the season for lots of warm colors. Spring and summer have more pastels and saturated greens, while in the fall the leaves are all changing and you are more likely to wear reds, greens, yellow and orange tones. The good news is, you can choose your fall colors and don't have to go with the typical ones I mentioned above. Fall is also about neutral tones since there is usually a lot going on in the background. I will go into more detail later when we talk about outfits, but keep this in mind when you think about the overall look of your photos. My photography style is light and airy but a lot of dark tones will add more contrast to the images which can darken the overall image.

After seeing all these pretty fall colors, winter seems more neutral and 'naked'. The nice things in the wintertime are evergreens! Winter colors can range from green and red to neutral tones. Combining these combinations look great with green and brown tones in the background.


Can I be honest for a second?... It is so hard to choose an outfit and not to mention outfits for the entire family. As I mentioned above, fall colors are not just green, red, yellow and orange tones but also neutral like beige, cream, a blush or even a light charcoal and blue. Winter tones are usually more neutral and green tones.

My tip: try to choose your primary colors (2-3) and build around them. Try to COORDINATE the outfits and not matching them, which means wear different patterns. Plaid, stripes, shapes, flowers and solid work all great together. Dresses and skirts add a flow between the outfits as well and please don't be afraid to wear boots (YES even rain boots) with them. Scarfs are my go to in the fall and look great in photos. They also make nice little blankets to snuggle in with your love. Accessories, like bigger necklaces, always leave a beautiful statement. 

And at last: props

Cozy blankets, pumpkins, apples, Chrisms PJ’s, Santa hats and anything else you can think of that relates to fall, winter or Christmas make great props and can be included in the session.

Below you can see a few color schemes and outfits to help visualize everything. 

—>Please note: these are not my images. these are ideas of pinterest to help VISUALIZE it!